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The 3 types of cabling registration: open, restricted and Types of cabling registration The first step in becoming a cabler is to decide the type of registration you need to do your work. Your 3 choices are open registration, restricted registration or lift registration. Cabling (Open Registration): Sign Up ASIAL is one of 5 registrars accredited by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) to offer cabling registration services under the Telecommunications Act 1997. Details of all cabling registrars are available on the ACMA website . (Open Registration), 80 hours (Restricted Registration). ACMA : American Case Management Association

ACRS - Cabler Registration Service an ACMA accredited

Open Cabling Registration Course - leads to ACMA Open Cabling Registration. Includes all pre-requisite units of competencies. Restricted Cabling Registration Course - leads to ACMA Restricted Cabling Registration. Structured Cabling Course - Cat 6 - leads to ACMA Endorsed Registration. Coaxial Cabling Course - leads to ACMA Endorsed Registration.

Open Registration These pathways are open to people from all disciplines who want to meet the ACMA CPR Open Registration requirements. ACMA mandated 50 question test OPEN REGISTRATION Electrotechnology (UEE11) Training Package Context UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace

Correct methods of equipotential bonding according to the ACMA Technical Standards; Recognising and be able to update cabling records correctly; NECA Education & Careers will only be issuing the Statement of Attainment not the letter endorsing the cabling hours. Refer to the ACMA website for requirements for obtaining an Open Registration Licence. ACRS cabler registration service is the best value ACMA accredite d Cabler Registrar offering fast and reliable service.. It is a totally owned subsidiary of the National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA), which represents the electrical and telecommunications contractors across Australia. Open - This registration allows a cabler to undertake all types of cabling work from simple cabling in homes to complex structured cabling in multi-storey buildings. Restricted - This registration restricts you to doing work where the network boundary is a simple socket or a network termination device – typically found in domestic homes and