Seraphinite Wi-Fi Hotspot is another simple and effective virtual router software for Windows. This software allows you to share ethernet network with other devices via WiFi distribution in this device. When you launch this software, it will automatically create a WiFi hotspot with which you can quickly connect nearby devices. However, at any time, you can disable its auto hotspot creation

Virtual Router is a software-based system which works as physical internet sharing hardware device like WiFi router. When you need to create additional secured internet access point at your home, class, or any conference, you can create the Virtual Router with a very simple process. To create a virtual WiFi router, it does not require any money. Virtual Router - Connectify A virtual router is a software-based system that does everything your hardware router can do (and some things it can’t). A virtual router like Connectify Hotspot can broadcast WiFi right from your PC, so that any other WiFi-enabled device can get online. Connectify Hotspot is far and away the world’s most popular virtual router, because it’s designed with you in mind. The Best Wireless Routers for 2020 | PCMag

Virtual Router Manager Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8

May 07, 2020 Virtual Router Manager - Free download and software

Virtual WiFi - Your Virtual WiFi Router for Windows

The first one can be used as a normal wireless network adapter (to connect the PC to a network) when the second virtual wi-fi adapter can be used to connect to another ad-hoc network or to create a wi-fi hotspot (to connect other devices to the windows PC wirelessly). Microsoft has added this “virtual wifi miniport adapter” feature in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows OS i.e. Windows 5/07/2018 · Trusted Windows (PC) download Virtual WiFi Router Virus-free and 100% clean download. Get Virtual WiFi Router alternative downloads. 27/07/2016 · It is a free and user-friendly virtual router software program especially designed to turn your WiFi compatible laptop or computer into a wireless hotspot, so multiple users with WiFi devices nearby you can connect to your Internet connection. This freeware has a simple graphical user interface (GUI) and easy to use controls which make turning process of your WiFi computer into a WiFi wireless The Wireless Adapter Card that can host a Wi-Fi network could, therefore, be seen as a virtual wireless router. The OS and software developers utilized this new feature for both hardware and software purposes, and as a result, various third-party programs and internal interfaces have been included in the OS to manage virtual Wi-Fi networks. To name one handy virtual router application, Virtual Router Manager is the one. It is free to use and can easily turn your computer into a virtual Wifi router. Here is a list of its major features:- simple installation steps with a wifi network adapter card; easily recognises the other WiFi compatible devices like printer, smartphones, laptops