When I first got Infinity installed I swapped between the BTOR (Huawei) and the Draytek as I had been having various problems with upload speed on the Draytek. I swapped maybe 5-6 times over a week period without problem at all, full sync of 40/10 and low ping times of approx 20ms, which is correct given that I'm approx 200m from the cabinet.

Our engineer will have connected your main computer to BT Infinity using the BT connections that support 80Mb Infinity CD, but if you’d like to connect any other computers or devices, simply run your speeds or over, we recommend BT Infinity CD yourself on the computer or device and follow the CD’s set-up wizard. I am with BT infinity, my HG612 is in my master socket, from there I connect to an asus n56u, and from there cat6 to my pc. I was having interleaving issues on my line, I believe this has been resolved, my pings have dropped and my latency (even when on a BQM) seems very respectable. May 12, 2011 · The online gaming with BT Infinity seems very hit & miss. Mine isn't working with extreme lag and constant disconnects. Whereas I know other people on BT Infinity where id does work ok. BT are doing the usual shrug of shoulders, just in the process of cancelling. Have enjoyed BT Infinity 2 for 6 weeks now with download speed of 76mbps and upload speed of 19mbps. All of a sudden I notice the internet is much slower. But its not the download speed, which various tests say is still over 50mbps.but the upload speed which has suddenly fallen to 0.4mbps. The download, upload and ping test will be performed to the closest server available near your location. This will mean that test will also be influenced by other factors such as quality of interconnection of BT with Internet backbone. BT Infinity native IPv6 settings for Pfsense. I can ping from the LAN. I can see listed as a client in the ubiquiti wired With our BT Infinity 2, we always get around 74Mbps download and around 15Mbps upload speed with consistent 9ms ping latency via speedtest.net by Ookla with the closest server selected (Clouvider Limited – Enfield) over wired and wireless connection (2.4GHz and 5GHz).

Ping 29 BT Wholesale Broadband Performance Test Not sure myself as to why the line is in a stabilisation period as i have been with BT Infinity for 12months and

The com­mand to use is ping google.com -f -l 1500, chan­ging the last num­ber to find the optim­um. My BT Infin­ity con­nec­tion uses PPPoE which typ­ic­ally has a max­im­um value of 1492 (it may in fact really use PPPoA which my bridged modem can present as PPPoE to pfsense, dif­fer­ent sources say dif­fer­ent things about this), and when using ping it is neces­sary to take into account some over­head which has a value of 28, so I was expect­ing a ping MTU of 1464 to be My friend is thinking of moving to the BT Infinity fibre service. His main request is low pings for online gaming. BT have told him he should get 20meg download at his home but the question is will the pings be low ? He is currently on o2 llu service but only recieves 1.5-2 meg with a ping of around 25ms. As above, but my son does use and play Fifa. And he is over the moon with the performance of BT Infinity. And so am I, too. Oh, and he also said the ping times have gone through the roof where online gaming is concerned. Or should that be hit the floor, lol. And I haven't got a bad word to say about it. Its superb.

As I signed up for BT Infinity 1 in August 2017 but Mid-October download and upload speeds increased (but never got an email to confirm the uplift) but keep getting told of several customer service agents that the most I can get download is 55 meg as I'm on BT Infinity 1 but they can't explain why my upload speed exceeds the 10 meg max upload

Nov 29, 2013 · high latency on detailed network statistics ISP: BT Infinity FTTC i have a fibre optic connection FTTC with BT infinity, my pings are around 25ms on pingtest.net with 0ms jitter & no packet loss yet my detailed network statistics show my ping to be 160+ms i also get 1% packet loss everytime which is strange as pingtest.net says i have zero Fortigate 30D and BT Infinity Hi It's my first post so go easy on me!! I have a user who as a BT Infinity connection (ie BT Openreach Mode ----> BT Home Hub3 ) I am trying to replace the BT Home Hub with a Fortigate 30D, but once installed I have no internet access from any device on the LAN side. Re: Problem configuring Juniper SRX100 with BT infinity broadband ‎08-18-2015 03:59 PM Hi Sam, the problem is not only that I can't ping these addresses from srx but I am aso unable to access any websites from the lapptop which is directly connected to eth0/1 interface on srx. May 27, 2012 · BT infinity and ping times. Posted By Such In Networking & NAS Aug 12, 2017 Messages: 9, Views: 502. Question Archer VR900 on BT infinity 4. Posted By Crovon In BT Nov 22, 2016 · Hello everyone, I’m trying to configure my srx100 for almost 2 weeks and can’t find solution to my problem. Here is my setup: BT Openreach modem (BT infinity broadband) -->srx100 -->LAN with 1 physical server and 6 VMs Have been given block of ip addresses from BT: network address: XXX.142.86.4 Nobody has a better ping than me on game servers, ever BT Infinity Trust. Oct 20, 2012 at 7:27 PM BT Infinity 160Mb i can order this but maxrate my line can BT Superfast Fibre (previously Infinity 1) offers an advertised upload speed of 9.5Mbps. Ofcom has measured the actual speed received on average across a 24-hour period as around 8Mbps. What speed should BT Infinity be? BT is now offering a faster broadband connection with the launch of its new BT Infinity 1 service, with speeds …